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Fitting a Superior IO-360 - 60A Alternator Belt

Vans suggest fitting a Gates ESC belt but there is no mention of which one fits.

Here are the sizes and part numbers ( I can verify the Superior fit, other belts are from unverified information passed to me.

Gates 6219 ESC AVX10X925La - Fitted my Superior IO-360 C/S with Vans 60a alt and Vans bracket.
Gates 6218MC AVX10X950La - Reported to fit Lyc IO-360 with Prestolite ALU 1062A
Gates 6216ESC AVX10X900La - Reported to fit Lyc O-360-DIA, no alt info.

If you have addition information please mail me at the website address.

Why fit an ESC (Extended Service) belt? Some builders have not, but don't forget the starter and prop need to be removed to replace a belt. The ESC are about 5.00 more.

I discovered the 60A alternaltor will not travel the whole way up the adjustment bracket. As the body of the alt hits the Superior block. It will proberbly be the same on Lyc. If the alt had the full travel a 914 belt would fit.

The Vans alternators were reconditioned units until about December 05 when new units were supplied. At the same time Vans revised the wiring/connections suggested. There appears to be debate regarding the need to change the wiring, also if it is also applicable to the earlier reconditioned unit. Some builders have suggested Vans wire it incorrectly and an alt warning light could be fitted. I followed the instructions supplied with my alternator from Vans.
950 was far too big. This is as far as the alternator will adjust, I first thought it was the pipe getting in the way. It's not, it's the alt mount hitting the block

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