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Fitting a Superior IO-360 - MT Prop Govenor.

Vans supply the MT prop gov in the FWF kit, along with bracket. Fit the govenor before fitting the engine!!
As supplied the govenor needs to be rotated, read the instruction manual supplied for instructions how to rotate the govenor.

As supplied by Jade Air. I adjusted the position of the pipe. Before fitting the govenor I fitted the oil cooler pipe fitting on the block - the red blank cap in the above picture. Fitting is blue can (just) be seen in the picture below/left.

I had to alter the position of the oil pipe from the prop govenor to the front of the engine. As it passed too close to the engine mount. I altered the angle of outlet on the govenor back plate.
Don't forget the gasket between govenor and accessory plate.
This shows the need to adjust the position of the oil out plate.
Prop govenor in position as supplied.
Rotated to correct position. Note: the screws need to be wire locked - not shown in picture. Locking nut is not fitted to rod end.
This shows the need to adjust the position of the oil out plate.
The screws enable the govenor position to be adjusted, they need to be wire locked. Rod end locking nut also needs fitting.

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