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Fitting a Superior IO-360 - Oil Pressure Restrictor

The Vans FWF kit supplied a 45 degree restrictor fitting as the Lycoming engine oil pressure point very close to the engine mount. In picture below Superior has repositioned the oil pressure point (black 45 dgree fitting in picture) to somewhere where it may be maintained with the engine mount fitted. Something not possible on the Lyc engine - the Lyc point its where the blanking plug is in the picture below (next to black 45 degree fitting).

I could have used a straight connector but Vans oly appear to have 45 degree fittings, so I used it anyway. One point to note is the pipe from the fitting to the pressure sensor may be a little long that necessary. However I fet it allowed a little more room to get the battery in and as it passes it.

If you have a Lycoming engine you must fit this restrictor before fitting the engine.

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