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Carbon Cub Specification
Cruise - 109mph
Take off Distance - 110ft
Landing Distance - 140ft
Fuel Range - 632sm
Max weight - 1850 lbs
Engine - CC340 180hp
Propeller - Fixed pitch carbon fibre
Electronic ignition
Odyssey PC680 battery, B&C Backup Alternator

Welcome to my Carbon Cub Project Site.
The Carbon Cub is a kit aircraft from Cub Crafters in America. In America this is the experimental category, however, here in the UK we don’t have an experimental category we operate on a ‘Permit to Fly’ administered by The Light Aircraft Association. When Matt and I built this aircraft there had not been one built in the UK, so we had to go through approval to get it onto the LAA register.

I am going to post a few pictures of the construction on this page.Keep checking, I am catching up with updates to my sites.

Wing construction
This was the first step in constructing the cub. The Cub Crafters build manual was text heavy with not so many plans as I had experienced with Vans kits. So it took a bit of getting use to for a start. All the parts were well labled but with just having text build manual you didn't always know what you were looking for. So finding the parts in amount all the bags could take time and easy to miss. This got a lot easier as the parts quantity reduced!

Engine installation.
CC340 180hp electronic ignition

Build Time Line
-- Adding dates -- Kit arrived in the UK
First wing started
Second wing started

Transporting aircraft is always a challenge.
Over the years I have moved a few aircraft by road. It always has challenges. For example strapping down. You can buy good strong straps but they will trash a wing like the cub if secured too tight - yet the wing will move if not! Tail wheel aircraft are all too long for a car trailer so I find the only option is often a huge boat trailer. Width is also a problem as you can see in some of these pictures the cub only just fitted. Thankfully Matt was not around for the loading process.


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