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My Vans RV4 Specification
Top Speed - 205mph
Cruise - 193mph
Take off Distance - 300ft
Landing Distance - 300ft
Rate of Climb - 2'050fpm
Ceiling 24'000ft
Fuel Range - 640sm (7900sm max economy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 32 US Gal / 80L

Welcome to my Vans RV4 Project Site.
The Vans RV4 is a kit aircraft from Van’s Aircraft Inc in America. It is only available as a kit aircraft because the certification requires that it is amateur built we operate on a ‘Permit to Fly’ administered by The Light Aircraft Association.

Here on this site you will see all the details of how I helped a friend of mine build a Vans RV4. James started the project and I came in to help with the fuselage construction and final assembly. The RV4 is an early Vans kit aircraft and requires a lot more fabrication to their later RV7 & 8 aircraft.

RV4 G-OJGC Paintwork complete
RV4 painting has been completed 30-Jul-2007
James Vans RV4 was painted at Edmondson Aviation at Thruxton. Next tasks were to assemble and have the final inspection. Then after all the paperwork is complete (that is James job!) apply for a Permit to Test. Next step is the test flying program and after that is satisfactory a permit application.

Canopy work
James with his RV4.
The fuselage arrived at my workshop to help James out with the project.

Build Timeline
First Date -

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