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My Vans RV8 Specification
Top Speed - 220mph
Cruise - 204mph
Take off Distance - 275ft
Landing Distance - 350ft
Rate of Climb - 2'300fpm
Ceiling 22'000ft
Fuel Range - 790sm (955sm max echonomy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 42 US Gal / 80L
Fuel Consumption 10/13 US Gal/hr.
Welcome to my Vans RV8 Project Site.
There is quite a story behind me ending up with this RV8 but simply it goes like this. I got an email message one day - I have a part complete RV8 kit for sale do you know anybody who may be interested. Actually I did and we arranged to go and visit the seller who happened to not be too far away. The person who I took decided against it and later that evening over a nice meal with friends in the pub conversation turned to the RV8 I had been to see. To which my wife pointed out it would not be long before I would have my workshop free and what else would I do with me time. So the following weekend we went and bought it.

RV8  Arrives
I purchased my part started Vans RV8 in April 2016. The Empannage had be started but not much else. It has slow build wings with quick build fuselarge. But didn't start to work on it until 2021 as I was already building a Carbon Cub.

Work starts after a few years.
Started work December 2021, on the left wing. Other than an odd bit of cleaning or sorting parts I had not started work on the RV8 until now.
Building RV8 Time Line
A quick breakdown of significant events on the project.
22-Apr-16 Purchase RV8 kit.
22-Nov-18 RV8 arrives at my workshop.
2020 Work starts on RV8.
01-Jan-22 Work starts on left wing.


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