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Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

The way to fit split pins properly -
Aviation Standards!!

CESSNA FRA150L - Aerobat
As I have finished building my Vans RV7 I have decided to sell my Cessna 150(Evy). Evy would make a great first time or group aircraft, she is very tidy and very well maintained. She has a new C of A and a set of Cambrai Covers. She is currently located at Popham in Hampshire
My Cessna 150 is famous!!!
They airbrushed the registration and my friend Richard (the passenger) out but this is my Cessna 150 featured on the front of Gleims 2005 Edition of Private Pilot.
Download the following pages of the flight manual for performance data of the O-240 engined aerobat:

1972 Reims Cessna FRA150L (French built, RollsRoyce engine O-240, Aerobat)
Total Time Airframe - 6931.5
Total Time Engine - 1122.6
Time since cylinders (STOH) - 99.2
New CofA (Aerobatic category)
Garmin GNC250XL - Comm & GPS
King Nav/Comm
Narco Transponder
Electronics International Digital EGT & CHT gauge
McCauley propeller

Exterior Condition
As you can see from all the pictures of Evy the paintwork is in excellent condition. As you will see from the pictures I have really looked after her and it has really paid off as the paintwork is not far off like it was when it was new! Possibly better than it was when the aircarft was new.
Most of the interior plastic panels were replaced when the aircarft was painted and overhalled. The seats were replaced and recovered. The carpet was renewed.
The avionics were overhalled and a new Garmin 250XL was fitted.

When refurbished the instrument panel plastic was replaced with black.
I have had all new cylinders fitted. The starter has also been replaced with the B&C lightweight unit - a common mod (my engineer was suprised the original was still on!).
Comes with a full set of Cambrai Covers - full fuse, wings, empannage, and wheels. The covers are what has keep the paintwork and interior in such good condition. She is kept outside!!
Previous Owners:
Sue Griffin, Peterborough Cambs 3/1997 - 11/2001 (50% share with me from 200).
Brian Mills, Cambridge 1/1994 - 3/1997
Nicholas Wiszowaty (Echo Victor Flying Group), London 6/1990 - 1/1994
Kathleen Seaton-Stedham, New Milton 6/1989 - 6/1990
Bryan Axford, Lymington 5/1986 - 6/1989
Paul Dupon, London 9/1985 - 5/1986
Andrewsfield Flying Club, Stebbing 11/1984 - 9/1985
David Chisholm, 3rd Armoured Division 7/1983 - 11/1984
South Midland Communications Ltd, Totton 7/1976 - 6/1983
Bennett Bros (Chandlers Ford) Ltd, Chandlers Ford 8/1973 - 6/1976
Brymond Aviation, Woking 9/1972 - 7/1973

Fitting a Dynon D100.

Installing Superior IO-360.

Some more pictures of Evy.

The price of the aircraft is £25'000. This will not be the cheapest Cessna 150 you will find but you will be hard pushed to find one in this condition. If you are comparing aircraft and consider purchasing one to update yourself - For example the avionics update cost £2'384, the new paint work cost £5'000. So when you are looking at an aircraft, think about if you want to update it what it would cost agains one already updated!!

Taking off - Peterborough Sibson
Popham 2005
San Sabastian, Spain 2004
Popham (picture by Colin K Work)
Evy pictured at Reims where she was built.
Picture Feb'07.
I have taken a number of recent pictures so you have a good idea the condition of the aircraft before you travel any distance. I am sure you agree she is worth looking at!
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.
Picture Feb'07.