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Build Diary 04-April-05

This weekend, Iíve been helping Tim to Rivet the final skin on the wing. Iíve been in and out of the garage helping out with the odd job here and there, but this was a proper big chunky job that required me having a lesson in riveting. And let me tell you, it wasÖ.riveting!! Haha, just a little RV widowís joke there.

Anyhow, it took us about three and a half hours in a joint effort to get it all done and apart from getting my hands covered in yellow goo (JC5 joint sealant so Iím told), it wasnít half bad. Itís not exactly shoe shopping but itís not the dentist either so Iím ok with it.

In all seriousness, Tim has been totally committed to getting out there in the garage, no matter how cold or how bad a day heís had and the momentum has been going day after day, I really do admire his commitment to this project, I couldnít do it. Itís taking shape and I canít believe that weíll be flying off to Spain one day in something that Iíve just been bashing together in the garage!

I did think this was a gigantic task and pretty scary to undertake, especially in view of the fact that Tim did tell me that as a kid he was rubbish at air fix models and basically this is a very big complicated air fix model in my eyes. However, thatís the thing about having a passion for something, you just have to do it. So, girlfriends, wives and partners, get ready with a listening ear (and believe me, some days he may as well be talking to you in Urdu!), endless cups of coffee, sympathy and get used to no more buying shirts for birthday presents Ė compressors and tools become the order of the day. I am beginning to understand Ė itís killing my nails and theyíre full of goo but itís worth the look on his face when I come out to really lend a hand where itís needed.

Youíll hear more from me soonÖÖIím sure.

Jo's proud of her completed wing..... with a little help from me!

Jo cleaning the excess JC5 off.
No, you are suppose to be looking at the rivets!!!

"This is my wing...."
This is Jo doing her impression of flying - "See I have wings..."
Not sure if she now thinks she is Autin Powers with a rivet gun!
Oh, blimy. Now she is going cleco crazy...!!
Yep, cleco crazy.

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