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Build Diary 30-December-05

Just over an hour in the workshop tonight. Fitted the fuel and oild pressure block and sensors. Fitted the cable clamps, and cut two holes in the firewall for cables. Fitted AF-2500 to instrument subpanel.

Instrument subpanel ready for parts to be fitted.
Fitted oil pressure line to pressure sensor block. Fitted sensor block and oil pressure sensor.
Now you can see why I fitted all the nutplate to the lower instrument subpanel and brace. This gives me the flexability to fit different size clamps according to the number of cables I eventually run.
Oil and Fuel pressure sensor. It took a while to get the angle joints correct. I originally placed the sensors together but the length of the flexable hoses made me move the sensors to the positions in the picture.
AF-2500 on the subpanel.

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