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Build Diary 08-January-05

Just a few hours in the workshop today. Completed riveting the ribs to the left elevator - including removing approx 6 that were not up to scratch. Reviewed the right elevator and replaced 9 rivets not good enough. Fitted solid rivets to Trim Spar, rather than blind rivets - on top only.

Left elevator skin, all ribs fitted. I used JC5 seam sealant to help avoid corrosion - it's yellow in the picture
E-615PP Trim Access Reinf' Plate.
Fitting E-606PP Trim Spar to the top side of the skin. I did this first to help support the skin and so I could fit solid rivets to the end four holes on the top skin rather than use blind rivets.

E-606PP Trimp Spar with solid rivets.

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