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Build Diary 16-January-05

Today I finished the right elevator and the Horizontal stabalizer. Still need to put blind rivets in rolled leading edge of both elevators, but I have decided to leave them bent clecoed for a while first.

Completed right elevator today.
The last two rivets on etch side of the skin by the trailing edge were really hard. I modified the bucking bar to make it thinner to fit.

But the thinner bucking bar was then not very dense.... so the rivets were hard to set. First two were rubish and had to be removed.

Another picture of the trail edge rivets.
I had this old waste pipe to hand, and tried to use it to roll the leading edge. I thought the cranked end would work well, but it was too wide.
Here I am trying to use it... too wide.
Had some slightly narrower pipe. The tape sticks well to this pipe.
I found it difficult to get both side to meet. Did eventually but they are bent away slightly.

So I have clecoed them and will swap the underside for the top panel after a few days to see if they have bent into shape.

Rolling the leading edge.
Both elevators.
I put the rivets in the trailing edge of the HS today.

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