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Build Diary 10-July-05

DID IT - cut the canopy. Thought today I had to do it sometime and as it was warm and sunny today I went for it. Heaters on, marked it out and started cutting.

This is to hold the canopy shape while I cut it.

It's a hot sunny day today, but I still have the gas heater and an electrical heater on. It is VERY VERY warm in the workshop today. Ideal conditions to cut the canopy.

Aleix was helping today, though I better give him some overalls.

Here it is - the cut separating the canopy and rear screen. As I cut I put tape over the joint to hold both sides together.

DONE!! It's Cut....
On the fuse after the rear window is separated. Now need to trim it up.

The look from the inside.

The rear window.

This needs more trimming.
Marking the lower edge for trimming
Tape holding it in shape.
I used this air disk cutter to do the cutting. The parts I cut off so far.
Now trimmed, clamped ready to drill.
Before drilling I kept it all hot with the heater inside.
I drilled the holes in the frame first.

Not a bad days work hey?!

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