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Build Diary 12-July-05

Continued working on the rear window. Drilled fixing holes, they now need dimpling and a strip fitting to the inside of the window.

I trimmed the window to clear the angle mount for roll bar. This enabled the skin to be completely fitted.
I marked and drilled the holes (1/8") for the window in the rear panel.
The method is to start at the center, drill the window to the rollbar then the rear skin.

I pre-drilled the rollbar #40, as the holes are then enlarged to #35. However while drilling the window the 1/8" drill went into the hole. I suspect this will now be unable to tape them to #6 screw. If this is the case I will re-drill and fit larger screws - or pop rivets as some builders have.

All the holes are drilled.
It now needs to be deburred and dimpled.
Inside can now be trimmed to size.

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