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Build Diary 02-March-05

Very good progress tonight. I reviewed my spraying last night - it could have been better a few runs. But they will be rubbed down when I do the top interior coat.

I then started with my rivet squeezer, first the seat backs. I squeezed all the rivets around the seat back apart from the brace hinge. Which I could not reach with the squeezer. Next the seat brace was completed, and the brake pedals along with the elevator bell crank (F-635). Also put some rivets into the tunnel cover, I could not get to all of them - so have decided to continue another evening with the rivet gun.

Very pleased with my progress this evening - all this for 3 hrs work.

Seat back reassembled with cleco's after spraying.
Elevator Bell Crank.
Seat back and brace, with rivets fitted.
Brake pedal, after spraying.
Brake pedals, one with rivets fitted.
Good progress - seats, brakes and elevator bell crank.
Tunnel cover, some rivets fitted.

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