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Build Diary 29-March-05

Started the final wing skin riveting. IT'S HARD!!! This is not going very well, exceptionally difficult by myself. I have managed to fit a few rivets but I have marked the skin slightly. I am going to have to get some help with this. Time to teach Jo how to handle a rivet gun - just hoped it was not going to be with the wing!!!

I ran out of hardener while painting last, so had to get more. However they nologer sell it in 1L cans, the smallest is now 5L.
This may be due to the brand being sold by ICI to another company Nexa (the 1L can was ICI). Also got making paper and some spray cans for small jobs.

As you can see, fitting the skin is NOT a case of cleco's in then rivet in place. It has to be fittted in stages.
With the skin held away I can get my arm in with the bucking bar. Care must be taken to ensure it goes on correctly.
I got the first row of rivets in and only had to drill one out. However I have marked the skin slightly where I was struggling to hold the rivet gun in place.
Umm, rapidly realising I am going to need help!

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