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Build Diary 09-May-05

A really big milestone this evening. John (RV6a builder) came over and helped with the wing alignment. Having somebody help who had done it before made all the difference, especially as John also had a digital level.

I had levelled the fuselage and fitted the right wing. John arrived and first we fitted the left wing and rechecked the fuse level and adjusted. The wings were checked for alignment and we measured to a reference on the tail. With a 3" block we checked the wing angle, at the tip, midway and root. After some adjustment, we had it bang on - we were adjusting at 0.05 of a degree!! The root was clamped and the other wing adjusted. The measurements were retaken and the wings rechecked all over again - John's level beeped when it hits level, so it was beeping as we placed it on the positions to check. After rechecking I did the deed and drilled the rear spar mount. The wings are fitted, a great feeling.

I would like to thank John for helping out, I had been slightly apprehensive about the alignment - as I knew I had one chance to get it right! He made the exercise quite painless. Thanks John.

If you would like to see John's RV6 it should be in the builders tent at the PFA rally. Worth a visit, John likes everthing spot on! One reason why I was so pleased when he offered to help with my wings!

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