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Build Diary 04-September-05

My brother Andy (and his wife) visited this weekend. So he came and helped out with the engine frame fitting. I had thought it was going to be harder and heavier. Hence asking him to help, but it went on quickly and easily.

The lower part of the fuse had to be filed to clear the engine frame leg mounts.
We made the cutout's undersize, just enough to clear the frame. I will adjust full size later.
First one top mount was drilled to size, then the frame was fitted and the second position drilled to size (3/8").
The frame sat perfect on the fuse. No packing washers needed.
The two center bolts need drilling completely. Mount the frame and run the 3/8" drill in just enough to mark the fire wall. Remove the frame center punch and drill #30. Then drill in steps, leaving one BEFORE the 3/8" drill. Refit the frame and drill through with the 3/8" drill. The fit will be perfect!

I asked Andy what he thought about the fitment of the engine frame. "Would you fly in it?" Yes!

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