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Build Diary 18-April-06

Fitted Cabin Heat Muff to exhaust, with the Superior IO-360 engine the exhaust is different to the Lycoming IO-360 engine. The muff position for the Superior engine is the same as the Carb Lycoming. This is also why I positioned the inlet air ar the rear of the baffles rather than the front baffle floor. Also worked on fitting of cowl hinge after bonding.

Fitted EGT sensors to exhaust - ensuring they will not get in the way of the fitting nuts.
Cabin Heat Muff - 8" RV6-9
First fit the frame for the muff. I fitted it at the back of the ball joint.

The cabin heat inlet from the baffles.
The position on the Superior IO-360 is the rear of the engine.

Cabin heat inlet from the baffles, this goes to the inlet of the Cabin heat muff.

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