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Build Diary 25/26/28-August-06

A few days working on getting the wheel spats alignment correct. Primed and layed some fiberglass to reinforce the fixing holes.

Finished fitting screws to floor - how many of screws!!!!!

The wheel spats have been fitted but still need a little adjustment, trimming and nutplates fitting.
Nut plates need fitting all around - just pilot holes so far.
Alignment checking. Lift tail to level attitude. Plumb the center line - the tape on the floor - Next check both spats are straight using the center line.
I plumbed the center line from the tail all the way through to the front.
Checking the front to rear alignment of the spats.

Note: the weight needs to be off the wheel to ensure the horizontal position is correct (difficult to explain check the build manual).

I finished fitting the screws to the floor, some were very hard to get in - the ones against the cockpit side.
I decided to screw the stick boot down rather than valcro.

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