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Build Diary 29-August-06

PASSED MY INSPECTION TODAY - Miles came over and completed the full inspection today.

Michael from Cambrai Covers came down to measure up for a travel cover and a future set of full covers. Late afternoon Alan came to do my weight and balance. I am very pleased with the results - Note they are UNPAINTED.

The weight & balance results are (Max Weight 1800lbs, CG range 78.7 - 86.82) :
Mains both exactly 510lbs, tail 56lbs.
Total empty weight 1076, CG 77.86" aft of datum (70" fwd of wing leading edge).
Pilot 132lbs/60kg (me!) = Weight 1208, CG 80, Moment 96641
Pilot + Max bag(100lbs) = Weight 1308, CG 83.6, Moment 109319
Pilot + Max bag + Max Fuel (42 USG) = Weight 1560, CG 83, Moment 129479
Pilot + Max bag _ Max Fuel + 200lb PAX = Weight 1760, CG 84.6, Moment 148975

Michael working on the paterns for my covers.

Alan came (with his wife Sue) to perform the weight and balance. We lifted the tail to level with scales under each wheel.

The panel shows the weight on each wheel.
The RV looks great tail up!

At last a picture of Miles my inspector! He has just completed the final inspection.

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