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Build Diary 08-January-06

In the workshop for the afternoon decided to build the mount for the Dynon EDC-D10A External Magnetic Sensor Probe. I have decided to mount it behind the baggage compartment. The Magnetic sensor must be mounted as closely aligned with the D100. It should be mounted with the long axis parallel to the wings, the electrical connector facing toward the front of the plane. The pitch, roll and yaw must be within a degree.

With one of my recent Vans order I got some spare sheet. I have found this the cheapest way to purchase spare alli for fabrication. Here I am starting to make the holder for the Dynon Magnetic Sensor.
I started by leveling the fuse. With the engine fitted, as I lifted the tail the CofG shifted and it became lighter at the tail (especially as the HS,VS, rudder and elevators are not fitted). I had to prop it against the roof. So I weighted the tail down, to ensure it didn't tup up!
Fuse is level. Jo bought me this great digital level for Christmas.

I have decided to fit the sensor behind the baggage area, some builders have fitted it to the wing tip. I have fitted it low down to avoid the steal seatbelt strap that passes through the baggage area.
The D100 is at 7.2 degrees - as the instrument panel is at an angle. So the mangetic sensor needs to be the same.
Here I am setting the angle of the bracket in place, then I will add the stiff sides of the bracket.

Having a digital level makes this far easier!
I have set the angle on the bracket but I can also shim the sensor itself.

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