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Build Diary 30-January-06

Jade have delivered the new fuel servo. This reverses the mixture control so the lever can operate from the top. This enables it to clear the airbox. Unfortunatly the mixture control cable is too short and the throttle control is slightly taught so I may get a longer throttle also. I will be adding more detail as I complete the installation on my 'construction' section.

UPDATE: I have added the 'Construction' with details of the Superior IO-360 engine installation.

The control bracket. Note nut is only holding bracket for picture.

I have modifed the mixture side of the bracket slightly - I have bent the mixture side back and up a little.

Fuel servo fitted to engine. As supplied the outlet has been fitted to the front of the servo, it can be changed to the rear outlet - I will move it to the rear.

This is the mixture control side.

The throttle side fits fine.
Mixture control fitted. I have not run the cable through the firewall..... I have now and found the cable's overall length is too short by approx 2".
This is the air filter plate - fitted without any modification needed. If you have been following my site you would know that this is a different fuel servo with a reversed mixture control. So it does not hang down and require the airbox modifying.

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