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Build Diary 01-May-06

Short day (Bank Holiday Monday) in the workshop. Tested all the electrics, radio & intercom. Also tested digital video recorder - Jo will be able to view films while flying!

Jo came in to help test the intercom, and took some pictures.
I was testing all the systems before I remove the panel for painting.
One interesting thing I found was - The AF2500 engine monitor. I could reduce the current drain by 0.5A by dimming the display - not completely, just reducing the brightness. Interesting if I need to reduce the power load.

The display above the radio is my Archos media player, I am just testing the sound system with it.

I am testing that the alerts from the engine monitor can be heard with the radio is operating.
I tested my Archos AV500 - it's sitting in the map box hole - connected to the intercom. Jo will be able to view movies while we are flying. Also tested the audio output from the (AF-2500) engine monitor. I was really impressed it worked really well.
Jo is playing with her movie system.
All I need to fit is the backup alternator system - as soon as it arrives!
My panel!
Looking for something else I found the exhaust brackets so I thought I would fit them.
They hang off the sump bolts.
Not clear amongst all the parts - the exhaust bracket hanging from sump to exhaust.

Now with rubber jointing hose fitted.
Exhaust bracket between pipes.

I am going to refit the canopy this week, so I have refitted the canopy release.

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