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Build Diary 09-October-06

Tail wheel training 04-October-2006

I didn't have any tailwheel experience. So I have been having some training at West London Aero Club(WLAC) at White Waltham with Bruce Hutton. He signed me off and I went solo on 4th October in their Super Cub G-WLAC.

Complex training 09-October-2006

I also needed constant speed prop experience. WLAC have an Arrow which Bruce suggested I do a full complex conversion (prop and retractable). After a thorough breif. Monday (9th-Oct) we climbed above the cloud - so I also had some instrument time - and Bruce went through all the prop and retractable sinario's. We returned to the circuit, did some landings where Bruce tried to catch me out by pulling the undercarrage CB.

Now I am all signed up to fly my RV, all I need now is the Permit to Test!!

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