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Fitting a Superior IO-360 - Fuel Injection Servo

The standard injection on the Superior engine is the Precision Silver Hawk EX. Kit EX360-1 (servo Part No. 3015004-1). As you can see the mixture control hangs below the air box flange. The Vans supplied airbox can be cut down. However Precision have an alternate servo with the mixture control pointing up. It has the mixture control reversed so the lever may be fitted pointing up. Part No. 3015012 is listed on the Precision website for 200 HP engines, but Superior advised fitting this servo to the Superior 180hp.
Precision Airmotive Technical Publications
Fuel Servo - P/N 3015004-1 Mixture control hangs down.
Fuel Servo - P/N 3015012-1 Mixture control points up. It's also cranked.
As supplied the 'reverse mixture' servo has the outlet fitted to the front of the servo, this may be moved to the rear position. Read the manual supplied with the superior engine.
I found the cranked fuel mixture control fouled the edge of cowl scoop. So I replaced it with a straight one. However as you can see from the picture above the bolt needs to have the nut facing away from the fuel servo. Another problem, look at the lower part of the arm, it contacts the screw (with wire lock through it in the picture). I machined away less than 1mm of the arm to pass the screw.
This is the fully rich position.
This is the lean position.
Here I have moved the outlet to the rear (wire lock needs fitting) and used a 180 degree joint to route the inlet past the mixture control.
I have routed the fuel inlet past the mixture control. Kept clear with P clips.

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