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Construction Tips and Information.
Theses pages will show the construction of a part rather than my daily building in my build diary. The following describes the assembly of an area or part of the aircraft as I have built it on my kit and is here purely to help you decide how you may wish to fit or assemble your part, it is your responsibitity to ensure all parts are fitted correctly for your installation.

Superior IO-360
If you are fitting a Superior IO-360 with constant speed prop to your RV7 the following should help you get the correct Firewall Forward (FWF) parts, some of the following will apply to the carb model also.
Sections: Fuel Injection Servo, Servo Controls, Alternator (and belts), Prop Gov, CHT & EGT Probes, Manifold Pressure, Oil Cooler, Cabin Heater Muff, Air Box, Backup Alternator (B&C), Baffles, Oil Cooler & General Engine Pictures.
Dynon D100
The Dynon D100 is the new larger screen version of the Dynon D10(A), however the mounting has changed significatly. Here I show how I modified the panel brace to fit the D100.
The Dynon D100 also has the optional AOA probe, here I have connected it using the Gretz mount and the SafeAir1 pitot/AOA connection kit.
Duck works landing light
There are a number of different landing lights available - Vans do one that fits in the wing tip, but your wing tips must be supplied by Vans after August 2006. Duckworks also do a high power version of this landing lamp. This is the standard halogen landing light kit.
Matco parking break
Fitting the Matco PV-1 Parking brake valve.
Advanced AF2500
Fitting an Advanced AF-2500 Engine Monitor - Analogue, Digital Display & Engine Sensors
How I fitted the engine monitor analogue unit, digital display and engine sensors.
Fitting an Advanced AF-2500 Engine Monitor - Mounting the Analogue Unit
I have positioned the analogue unit on the instrument sub panel..
Fitting an Advanced AF-2500 Engine Monitor - Flap Position Sensor
Adding a flap position sensor.
High Pressure fuel pump
Fitting the Precision high pressure fuel pump and filter. Used on injection engines.
Fitting an Andair fuel cock to Vans sid by side configuration - with Precision FP.
The cockpit floor centre cover needs to be modified to fit the Precision FP There are the changes required.
B&C Alternator
The B&C alternator fits to the vacuume pump drive pad.
Cutting the plexiglas canopy and fitting the front half to canopy frame.
Vans RV7 Empannage
An early part of the RV project, building the Horizontal Stabilizer.
Here are some electrical diagrams and pin outs (adding them) for aircraft systems etc.