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Tools Required to build

Wings on about to roll out of the
hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on
the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

The way to fit split pins properly -
Aviation Standards!!

Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
First Test flight of G-OVII my RV7 carried out by Bob Cole at Thruxton on 18th November 2006.

Here I am having just completed the first engine run.

Fitting Precision HP Fuel Pump Cover to the RV7.

If you are fitting fuel injection to your engine you can use the Precision high pressure fuel pump and filter. This is available from Vans as a kit.
The fuel pump is located between the pilot and passenger on the floor, just in front of the fuel tap. The original floor center cover and hot air vent needs to be modified. Here are some pictures of the changes required.

These are the original fuel tap and floor center covers. Before altering anything I have fitted them and checked everthing fits and is aligned before I start.
This is the original center cover with the Precision FP cover next to it.
The center cover is trimmed shorter to allow the fuel pump base plate to fit. There is also a cutout for the pipes - pictured above is to plans, I modified this slightly to turn up the edges of the cut-out. This stiffened the area and allowed more room for the pipes and flow meter.
The fuel pump cover.
I have modified the hole slightly by turning up the the sides (by 90 degrees). This gives more space, and stiffens up the sides of the hole.