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Build Diary 2005

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Vans RV7 2004 Build Diary
After 20 months of building, G-OVII lifts off - 13:40 on 18th November 2006 - into the air for the first time. The sight was incredible as almost two years of work came together. Read all about it here in 'My RV7 Build Diary'.

Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
30th December 2004
New Years eve, just a few minutes in the workshop to make a start on the right HS.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
Having finished all the dimpling it's time to (primer) spray the empennage - my mission to do as much as possible in one go! The paint went on very well and dried quickly. So I continued in the afternoon to assemble the Vertical Stabilizer (6hrs).
25th December 2004
Merry Christmas. Jo comes up trumps again and the Christmas tree has loads of RV parts and tools hidden below it. She say's she still thinks they are boring presents. They are not to me!
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
Completed right elevator ribs, dimpled counter balance skin and ribs. Assembled Spray bay. Just have dimples on right elevator to complete before spraying the empennage (5hrs).
Empannage Fitting
Completed dimpling on left elevator counterbalance ribs and skin's. Made angle support for rudder.
4th December 2004
Dimpled elevator trim tab plate, checked dimensions and mounting with trim servo. Made new Right elevator ribs. Drilled to new right elevator skin.
3rd December 2004
Completed dimpling and deburring of both HS skins.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
Spent a few hours deburring and dimpling the HS skins.

Empannage Fitting
All the drilling on the HS is complete. Just had a few hours this afternoon. So now it was time to take it apart, de-burr and dimple. Jo came and gave a hand for a while.
26th November 2004
Friday evening, Jo is out this evening and I have been busy working all week. So I am out in the garage finishing the dimpling of the elevator skin, and fitting the replacement HS404's. Replacement right elevator skin arrives from Vans.
Empannage Fitting
Finished cleco-ing and drilling Horizontal Stabilizer skins. Started on Left Elevator, made ribs and drilled skin. Started dimpling Elevator. My intention is to prepare the empennage and primer spray the skins together in one go.
Empannage Fitting
Replacement parts (Elevator & HS skins, and ribs) have arrived from Vans, incorrect ribs sent. Vans are shipping replacements and the right elevator skin, as I have decided to also write off the right elevator skin. This evening I trial fitted the second HS skin.
Empannage Fitting
Monday evening, break wing crate up. Made ribs for elevator and removed rivets the previous builder put in the right elevator.
6th November 2004
My inspector Miles McCallum visited today and checked the workshop and kit over.
31st October 2004
After my lesson with John I decided my workbench was too high, so lowered it. Also decided to take the plunge and put a row of rivets in my trim tab.
30th October 2004
Went for an RV riveting lesson with John Mitche, his is building an RV6. Excellent tuition with back riveting, and rivet removal. Now have a good sample to show my inspector.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
Trial fitted skin to vertical stabilizer, elevator and horizontal stabilizer.
22nd October 2004
My first rivet tonight, then my first drilling out duff rivet. I started with some scrap angle and sheet. Drilled, deburred and dimpled. I started with a back rivet, at first I was very light with the trigger and nothing much happened - you can't see whats going on very well with the back rivet tool. I pulled a bit harder on the gun trigger and it hammered away, mushed the rivet. Well best learn how to drill a rivet early hey. So I did, next two rivets were good. I drilled those out and did three more. That's all I did all evening. This weekend I will call my inspector to come and check the workshop over and the work already done (Ray who I bought the kit off had assembled most of the empennage already). It has been signed off by the previous inspector, but as he is new to this project it won't hurt to have it looked over again.
12th October 2004
Ordered Tool kit from Aircraft Tools in America (Arrived 20th).
30th September 2004
Kit is registered with CAA. G-OVII – Go 7.
Empannage Fitting
An interesting drive on Devon country roads with a 7.5t truck and my precious new RV7 in the back. The kit is in the garage (earlier than anticipated or planned), Ray has built the tail, elevator and rudder frames. One elevator has been skinned, and the rudder skin is almost complete. Otherwise the kit is untouched, just as delivered from Vans.
18th September 2005
My original plan was to buy the Empennage in October and order the rest of the kit before the January price change. However I see a notice on the RV Forum for an RV7 QB exactly what I was after, initially I heard nothing, but the vendor was out of the country. I drive all the way to Devon to see Ray and decide to purchase his kit.
Bob & I taxi for runway 25 at Thruxton
Bob & I strap in for the second flight
Second take off, quick & rapid climb

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