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Build Diary 19-December-04

The weather, Christmas (shopping) and jobs around the house has slowed any progress for a while. Sunday I finished off the elevator ribs including drilling an dimpling (right side). Just some dimpling to do on the left elevator.

I have been working towards spraying (primer) all the Empennage skins and ribs at once. So today I set-up the spray bay. While in Spain last month, I purchased a cheap gazebo - 14 Euro's. I have erected it in the garage. This took some effort as I'd hung the wings from the roof and the height has been reduced. Only after I had been trying to erect it for a while, Jo appeared and said " why don't you chop the legs off shorter", obvious really but it needed Jo telling me to spot the obvious!!

Here are some pictures of my new spray bay....

The space, time to build a spray bay!
A very cheap gazzebo I bought while in Spain last month - 14 Euros!

My gazzebo spray bay!

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