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Build Diary 28/29-December-04

Time to spray, I built a spray bay in the garage from a gazebo and blue tarpaulin sheeting, and used one side from the wing crate as a bench. After advise from the RV forum and previous builders (thanks Jerry and Malcolm) I purchased ICI P565 etch primer from Brown Brothers (+ mixing cups, panel wipe and gun wash). To spray I used a Clarks (PG Gravity Feed Spray Gun [000510200] 22.27 from Machine Mart) gravity feed spray gun. The instructions suggested running the gun at 40-50psi so I used 50psi. For protection I used the Clark face mask, all over overalls, hat and goggles - every part of my skin was covered.

I heated the area with a gas heater prior the spraying and got the spray bay nice and warm - it's December. I turned it off before I started to spray. As the bay was white the garage lights provided adequate light through but I also used a 500w inspection lamp for more light to ensure the coverage was correct. The primer is mixed 50/50 with activator. As I had plenty of mixing cups I first dispensed 230ml of primer. I wanted approx half a litre and as the primer is hard to dispense I settled at this quantity, and dispensed the hardener into a second cup. All tins and bottles were resealed - the whole time I was already covered, with eye protection and mask, just in case!! I mixed the two together stirring continuously giving me just short of half a litre of primer.

I half filled my spray gun and tested the settings again some paper sheet. First I started with the ribs, these proved to be difficult to keep still so I moved onto the skins and painted them all - the strong light proved very handy for applying the primer. I moved back to the ribs and developed a knack of keeping them still and getting good coverage - doing the inside first then flipping over to do the outside.

All the skins I have ready to spray.

This is the gun I used - after cleaning.
By the afternoon the VS skin was dry so I decided to fit it to the frame. The paint is very durable and I didn't scratch any.

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