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Build Diary 07/08-November-05

Decided to fit the landing gear on the engine frame today. Quite a big milestone the wheels going on for the first time.

This is my modified panel brace for the Dynon D100.
Here I am starting to fit the wheel to the undercarrage leg.
The undercarrage leg is heavy.
Wheel & brakes.
I took care to grease the brake flange to axel, both are steel and could corrode.
The first trial fit of the wheel hub on the axel.

The brake axel attachment plate would not fit to the brake back plate. The paint had made it slightly larger.

The non-locking nuts are for the temporary fitment.
Wheel back plate - should be 1/16" gap. Picture does not show it very well!
Time to fit the tyre.
These are split rim wheel hubs, with a tube.
Now it looks complete.
After final fitting and checking I drilled the hole for the axel nut.

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