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Fitting an Advanced AF-2500 Engine Monitor to Vans RV7.
The Advanced AF-2500 monitors all the engine parameters - Manifold Pressure, RPM, Oil Pressure Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Fuel flow, fuel tank levels (in flight and on the ground for tail wheel a/c), Amps, Voltage, EGT & CHT on all 4 cylinders (also available for 6)and some other aircarft parameters - Flap position, Trim positions and user configured.

Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
This is the Advance Analogue Module.
This is where all the sensors are connected to. I have sited this on the instrument sub panel. Some other builders have sided this module behind the subpanel but I think this makes it difficult to maintain.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
This is showing the rubbon cable between the analogue and digital display unit. The 'kit' is supplied with a larger longer cable (that is also much heavier!) I contacted advanced for this shorter cable. They did offer to do an exchange but the cost of shipping made it not worth while so I just purchased the replacement. Looking at it, if you sourced the connectors you could make your own.
THE YELLOW tape around the digital unit is to cover the air vents during construction/building.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
The digital display unit (There is a cover over the display).
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
I had thought about fitting the Analogue unit on top of the map box.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
The RPM sensor
The red part is the sensor.
Empannage Fitting
Manifod Pressure Sensor
I have fitted the manifold pressure sensor on the firewall.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
CHT Sensors.
The CHT sensors screw into the underside of the cylinder heads.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
The CHT .
Empannage Fitting
CHT sensors fitted.

Empannage Fitting
EGT Sensors
The EGT sensors fitted to the exhaust - see manual for distance/position.
Test Flight with Bob Cole at the controls
Oil Temp Sensor
You need to remove a blank and fit the oil temp sensor near the oil filter. It shoild be wire locked in place.
Building the Baffles with the Vans Baffle Kit
Oil and fuel pressure sensors
The oil and fuel pressure sensors are mounter remotly - via restrictor valves. The Vans manual suggests one part of the remote sensor block is removed but I fould the two outer parts of the block posioned the sensors and remote pipes better.
Empannage Fitting
This is the restrictor valve for the oil pressure remote sensor.

Empannage Fitting
Fuel Pressure Sensor T and restrictor valve
The fuel pressure sensor is T'ed off from the out side of the manual fuel pump. I am sensing the fuel pressure after the manual put as this will show the function of the mechanical pump. It will also show up the electrical fuel pump pressure changes.
Empannage Fitting
Fuel Flow Sensor
The fuel flow sensor is located in the fuse just after the electrical fuel pump. There should not be any bends in the pipe or angles jounts etc within 5 inches (sorry US imperial measurements) of the sensor.
Empannage Fitting
Fuel Flow Sensor (with injection high pressure fuel pump)
The fuel flow sensor should not be in the high point of the sensor.