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Build Diary 23-August-05

I did a few jobs before painting the canopy frame - filling the workshop with fumes.

These are the passenger pedals. I was not going to fit passenger brakes, but it was pointed out who would teach me to fly this without brakes in front of them!
I keep jobs like these pedals around so always have some odd jobs to fill time.
They will now be painted.
The canopy latch parts

Another odd job, I finished riveting the seat back brace.
First I sprayed the top part of the canopy, then the underside. I took great care to avoid runs, as I will be sitting right next to this part when I am flying!!
You can't see it very clear here, but there is paper in the holes to stop paint going over the area behind the canopy brace. As I had already painted this area. Painting in this sequence should improve the look and avoid runs.

I masked behind the canopy brace to avoid runs.

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