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Build Diary 24-August-05

This evening I started final assembly of the canopy, this plane is really taking shape now.

It was Jo's last day at work today, she starts at a new company on Tuesday next week. They were all out this evening.

I am pleased with the painting of the canopy frame.
I think it was worth the effort to spray part of the frame before assembly. I doubt I would have got a good finish around these parts trying to spray it all together.
Now ready for the perspex.

After removing the masking, I drimmed the protective covering back from areas that will contact the frame.
Perspex fitted. It was hard pushing it into position with the side parts now fitted.
Looks nice. I have run out of nuts and screws.... so only approx half are fitted.
I have left the screws down the side slightly loose to allow the frame and prespex to find their position when fitted to the fuse.

I fitted the canopy on my own!
Looks good hey! Thats why there are a few more pictures of it......
I have been thinking. I will have to take the canopy off when I fit the wheels. As it will be slightly higher.
The front of the canopy will be finished with fiberglass. I don't have the materials so this will have to wait.
Mark came to see how it's all going.
A quick demo of where to sit....
This is the next part to fit??
Ah. Look at this!!

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