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Build Diary 27-August-05

Worked on fresh air vents, canopy latch, control rod, and painted parts.

This is the canopy latch slot. I had drilled the holes but needed to dimple them. The squeezer would not reach. So I adapted a bucking bar and part of the C arm to use the rivet gun.

It's been a busy weekend, so I have just been doing small jobs, finishing some others. I made the spacers for this control arm and fitted the ends to the control rod

However as you can see from the following pictures. It's impossible to fit the control rod with the ends on!!
I tried all the possible ways. Both ends had to be take off.

Heater vents now - As I said I am completing all the odd jobs. I had already made one of these but drilled the holes too big. So I made another. Previously I had filled the cut-out needed for the vent. But this time I realised they are the same size as the instruments. Out can the instrument hole cutter.... job done in about 1 minute!

I am really wizzing through these odd jobs.....

Cool air vent inlet now.

First I aligned the inlet and marked were the fixing holes are to go.

The Vent

Note: Vans say rivets, some people glue/bond or screw fix this. I am going to rivet as per Vans instructions.

After drilling the holes on one side I made a template........
And used it on the other side so all the holes match........
Then I match drilled ONE hole on the vent. The rest were done one the actual vent hole.
Vans suggest some metal reinforcement....
The dimple pliers were used to dimple the holes.
Time for another batch of priming
I try and coincide this with the end of a day.
I also have some extra parts on standby to use all the paint up. If I run out they wait until next time!

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