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Build Diary 05-December-05

After a disapointing Sunday this evening has gone better. I have done some research and have come a long way to resolving my engine fitting issues. As you can see the flow servo mixture control hanging down is causing problems. Also the bracket to the throttle and mixture is wrong. I have VA149-360, as the Silver Hawk Kit is marketed as carb conversion the control are similar. So the control bracket VA182-PC may be better. - Don't have one to test yet!

I thought it was a good idea this evening to check the fitting of the exhaust as soon as possible in case of any issues.

This is the mixture control side of the Precision EX Fuel Injection servo. The problem as you can see is the lever hangs below the airbox flange.One builder has suggested a spacer will work.
As I have had problems with some parts fitting I thought it wise to check the exhaust fits as soon as possible.

These are the before fitting exhaust pictures.
Now the after fitting exhaust pictures.

Just time this eveing for a little job - fitting a master bus fuse holder on the firewall.
The fuse will protect the main bus wire going through the firewall, from the battery.

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