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Build Diary 06-December-05

Contiuning work on plumbing the engine. Fuel lines, fuel pressure, oil temp sender and route of mag wiring.

I have noticed a lot of the engine work will be held up - or cannot be varified as correct - until my cowels are fitted, which cannot be fitted until my propeller and spinner is fitted. I have decided to go for the Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7496-2, supplied through Vans, its going to be 8 weeks waiting, the spinner they supply is fiberglass so I decided to see if Hartzell did one, they do - 836-60 or 836-60P. It will be metal rather than fiberglass. $1'874!!! Think I will be fitting the $160 fiberglass Van's one.......

Fitting connections to fuel pump - output to fuel injection servo.
The black part of the joint is a restrictor joint. The pipe goes to the fuel pressure sensor.
The Superior engine came with a 45 degree joint into the fuel pump. The Vans kit includes a straight connector. I was going to swap the joint over but it's not possible to remove it with the accessory attached to the engine.
Fitting the Advanced oil temp sensor - next to the oil filter.
I am taking the mag wires through the instrument sub panel behind the ignition switch and through the firewall on their own. To keep them away from other wires.
I cut all holes over 1/4" in thin alli with a hole cutter.

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