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Build Diary 08-December-05

Working through the FWF parts to ensure they all fit properly. Fitted alternator - was supprised to find the Vans alternator is not a new unit. It appears to be reconditioned!! Have a look at the close-up pictures the rear casing is all bashed around and has been repainted. Looks really horrible on my nice new engine!!

Spent the rest of the evening planning routes for wiring and looking at the injection and airbox servo issues.

The alternator bolts onto the engineblock here.
This is the alternator supplied by Vans in the firewall forward kit. I discovered it is a reconditioned unit - quite disappointed as it looks really scruffy.
I have heard they are Mazda alternators. Wounder if I can get a new rear cover.
Fitted. Looks great appart from the scruffy rear of the alt!!
Now I need to find the correct size alternator drive belt.

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