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Build Diary 11-December-05

Rather busy weekend - but not on the RV Project. Sunday removed engine and frame to work on the firewall. Also had to make some adjustment to the prop govenor.

I decided to remove the engine and frame together.
This gave me a chance to get to the prop govenor, and tighten a few items easier.
The main reason to take the engine off was to fit the doubler plate for the fuel pipe. I had left this off before fitting the engine as I wanted to check the position. I also riveted a doubler plate (behind firewall) for the fuse holder and AF-2500 current sensor.
This is the prop gov'. The control cable is not aligned with the gov control and needs adjustment.
This is where the control cable needs to go.
The screws around the body of the gove alow adjustment of the gov control position. I would tell you how they enable the adjustment - but I would prefer you read fully the gov manual regarding adjustment. Simple details are in the manual supplied with the gov.
The position is easily adjusted to exactly where required.

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