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Build Diary 12/13/14-December-05

It's been a busy week, on the run-up to Christmas. Office Christmas party and work around the house has only enabled a few hours in the workshop. I have also been waiting for parts to arrive so this week I have been completing a few 'odd' jobs.

Removed instrument panel and sub panel to fit nut plates for cable runs. Adjusted position of AF2500 fuel flow sender.

I have taken the sub panel out again to cut holes for cables to go through.
I have fitted nut-plates to the lower parts of the instrument sub panels to attach cable clamps. I will be running the cables at the lower parts for the instrument panel to enable easier access when the upper skin panel is fitted.
These nutplates are for cable clamps -- the are just behind the firewall. Why this way up? With the top skin fitted access will only be possible from below! When working in this area don't forget once the skin is fitted access will only be possible from below!
I am waiting for parts to arrive, so hopping from job to job. Here I have modified the flow meter plate to angle down and aid the route of the fuel pipe.
Not a good picture, but the pipe will route under the panel now.
A shipment arrived on Friday, it included the spinner as this was holding up the cowl fitting which was holding up the baffle fitting, which was holding up the ....... etc

What is it with aircraft spinners everybody gets the urge to put them on their head! I have an old one off my Cessna 150 that people keep putting on their head. But it did make me realise just how big the RV (constant speed) spinner is.

Better picture showing the Fuel flow meter. If you look close at the picture you can see I have turned up the edges of the panel around the flow meter to give more room. This has alo stiffened up the panel.
Good view of the panel I have turned up to stiffen and give more room.
Fuel boost pump back in place. Time to fit the flow meter to bulkhead fuel pipe.
I need to fit the fuel pipe new as it will be easier with the instrument panel out.

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