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Build Diary 20/21/22/23/24-December-05

It's the week leading up to Christmas, so my time is taken up shopping and Christmas parties. It the moment I am held up waiting for very small odd parts to arrive. When they do I then seem to find I am missing another small part - stopping me from continuing! However I have pushed on with painting the instrument sub panel as I want to rivet it in place and start fitting wiring.

Instrument sub-panel center section, now painted ready for fitting.
I have riveted this map box together.

Riveting the map box together was quite difficult! I have fitted flush rivets to the rear three to help it fitting to the subpanel cut-out.

The map box is light and flimzy which made it difficult to keep still while riveting.
The instrument panel brace/support. Modified for the Dynon D100. now painted fready for fitting.
This is the area when the instrument panel brace fits to the fire wall. Here the remote block for the oil pressure and fuel pressure sensors. This was a backorder item from the firewall forward kit which was holding up fitting the panel brace.
The part arrived and was fitted the same day!
I wanted to fit the sensor block with nut plates, as when the top panel was fitted it would be very difficult to get to the nuts. As you can see one nut plate was difficult to fit in around the rivets.
Fitting the blank's and angle AN fittings.
A quick check of alignment.

Only today I spotted these rivets had not been fitted...
I need to finish the interior painting so the wires can be fitted. It's time to paint the side rails
More parts for primer.
Not very warm in the workshop so I have the heater running, to help dry the paint.

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