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Build Diary 19-June-05

A VERY hot day at the airfield today cleaning my Cessna 150 - it was a job I needed to do. We even had the Red Arrows do a low pass with smoke over the airfield - at 900ft. On their way from Manston to Kemble for another display.

So just an hour in the workshop working on the canopy when I got home.

Here you can see the start of the hinge hole. This was drilled in the hinge box blocks - the hole is fully drilled out of assebly to ensure the hole is parallel.

Interesting to not the hole looks to be in a different place on the other leg, however after checking the alignment the leg is actually welded approx 1.5mm different, this is why the holes should be started with part in place.

Just one leg attachment to the frame has been drilled so far. This again was done while on the fuse.
The center attachment plate.

Dissassembled - I have primed the two sections ready to be riveted. The whole assembly will be primed later.
Back together - a not very in focus!!
The legs now riveted to the frame.

Center plate now riveted in place. The canopy is starting to come together now.

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