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Build Diary 03/04/05-November-05

Painted some instrument panel parts - then assembled some of the parts. While waiting for the paint to dry I picked up a few odd jobs.

This is the parking brake valve. I have made a bracket to mount it on the inside of the firewall.

UPDATE: I HATE THIS DEVICE!! It's the part I have had the most problems with. It's almost impossible to stop this leaking. I really hate this.

The top half of this bracket will hole the control cable - when I get one!

TIP: Mount it somewhere you can keep an eye on it. Lucky I had thought to....

Painting the instrument panel parts.
Painting the map box. I need to paint top coat on the interior - as I will not be able to after it has been assembled!!!!
My modified panel brace modification for the D100.
Parts riveted in place. This has really stiffened the part. I have also added some nut plates (at the bottom) to hold some cables.

I spent Saturday fitting hutplates to all these parts!!
The hole for the radio. I will also need some holes for the transponder aerial wire.

Hole cutout for the map box.

Here is the mod on the fuel pump mount for the fuel flow meter.
My mount, for the fuel flow.

The (for the Advanced AF-2500 engine monitor) fuel flow meter.
It's a tight fit!!
The reason it's mounted here. The pipe must be 5" of straight pipe in and 5" out of the flow meter.

The side of fuse mod. It's as the Vans plans. I would have thought the agle would have been better.
The parts of the bottom of the sub panel.

I keep walking past the wing, it needed the finish strip nutplates fitting. So I decide to do it to finish Saturday off.

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