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Build Diary 01/02-November-05

Back to the fuel pump! I still have work to do on the instrument panel - the circuit breakers, but I need to decide how may I need etc. The fuel tap arrived from Andair this week so I have gone back to building the fuel pump assembly. The 'red block' is the Advanced Systems (comes with AF-2500) fuel flow meter. This needs to have 5" of straight pipe in and out, so it's been a challenge to find a suitable location.

I have left the manual trim part on the fuel selector plate. As I may use it for something else, I can alway cut it off later. Here I have marked the center of the plate. The three holes are for the Vans fuel selector.
After making and drilling the holes on the selector plate I fitted nutplates. Note, the covers are kept on the selector to keep debris out!
Fuel selector in place for the first time.
The fuel selector plate needs to be trimmed if you are not using the manual trim. I am not but have left it on in case I want to use it to hold something else.
This is not going to be an easy job making the pipes.

The red block is the Advanced fuel flow meter, it needs 5" of straight pipe in and out.

Here I have mounted the flow meter on some angle. This will be riveted to the pump plate.
It fits - just. I have routed the fuel line into the filter (gold coloured in the picture) the opposite site to shown in the plans to give more space.
The flow into the flow meter will go between the pump and the filter. This will be coming from the fuel pump. The line would have gone below the plate, instead I will route it above.
To improve the pipe position I have added two spacer's to lower the flow meter position.
The fuel line going into the filter will require some trimming of the cover panel - I will show this in later pictures. The specification for the flow meter requires 5" of straight pipe in and out. It also states that the flow meter should not be high in the system. So I will route the out pipe above the cover panel towards the bulkhead, and make a cover for it. It's a shame there is this 5" requirement as I had thought it would be good to fit the flow meter where the fuel pump should go in the non fuel injection set-up.

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