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Build Diary 30-October-05

Time to pull sub panel out and fit the engine analogue box to the subpanel. Spent the rest of the day fixing nutplates and deburring.

I needed to make a heavy floot, and my fluting pliers would only go so far. So I assembled this device in the vice. To enable me to increase the size of the flute the pliers made. See next picture.
Here is the angle with the heavy flute. It worked really well!
This is where I needed the angle with the heavy flute.
The analogue box for the engine instruments. Here I am drilling the holes for mounting it to the sub panel.
Mounting the analogue box for the engine analyser required this addtional bracket.
I was going to stop the bracket level with the side of the device - however the nutplate would not have room.

All the instrument panel parts and sub panel, ready for deburring, dimpling and priming (in places).
This is the mod I made for mounting the D100. This will need 50 pages of documents for the mod application with the PFA, which I then have to pay for!

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