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Build Diary 29-October-05

The location of Advanced Control Systems (AF-2500) analogue control box gave me some challanges, originally I planned to fit it above the map box.

After fitting the mapbox I placed the Analogue controlbox on the top. I had already measured and checked it would fit in the gap.
Fit's but there is one problem. The connector on the top will hit the canopy!
So time to rethink the location of the analogue box. I quickly decided upon a new location.
I prefer this location to the top of the map box.
I don't want it too high as it may hit the canopy. The lower part of the box hangs below the panel.
In this location it's not far from the display. I will get a shorter connection lead.
There is space for the wiring.
With the GPS,radio and transponder stack.
While the instrument panel was out I drilled the ignition switch position.

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