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Build Diary 28-October-05

Building the map box. Vans supplies an optional kit to fit a map box kit to fit to the instrument panel. I decided to fit the box for additional secure storage and I plan to fit the Advanced Systems (AF-2500) analogue control box on the top of the map box.

The instrument panel map box kit comes with a cutout template. The plans show the position.
Cutout aligned and drilled.
This is the map box. Obviously I will need to paint this inside before assembly.
Map box fitted on the rear of the instrument panel.
The side of the fuse needs to be trimmed.

Map box in position. With sub panel ommitted.

Map box sub panel cut-out.
Sub panel cut-out view from front.

Angle need to be fitted around the sub-panel cut-out.
Drilling the holes is a little tricky to get them all alligned.

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