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Build Diary 26/27-October-05

Continued work on the instrument panel. Made mounting brackets for GPS, radio and transponder stack. Still trying to make my mind up about fitting the additional brace next to the Dynon D100.

The view down showing the radio going through the sub panel. The transponder (below radio) does not need to go through the sub panel.
The radio through the sub panel. There is a mounting point that needs fixing at the rear here.
Radio and transponder stack.
This is the first idea I had for the rear radio mounts. I was going to rivet this bracket to the sub panel. The trouble with this idea was I found it almost impossible to fit the screws from the inside of the radio mounting tray. If it was so hard to fit now with the limited panel equipment what would it be like with all the other equipment? Time for a rethink.
This is my rethink for the rear radio tray mount.
Here is my GPS, radio and transponder stack. The new brackets at the rear of the radio tray are fitted before passing through the sub panel. The bracket is then fixed to the front of the sub-panel (it will be clearer in future pictures). I have also made some side braces, to stiffen the instrument panel and to hold the rear of the transponder tray. The side braces are ruff cut, I will clean up the vent holes.
The rear radio tray mount.

This is the top of the Dynon D100 mounting tray. I have fitted it as high as possible. The top corner had to be trimmed a little.
View of the D100 tray, from the rear with the angle fitted to the top of the instrument panel.

This shows the rear radio mount bracket on the fiace of the subpanel.
Both rear radio mounts. There will be bolts holding them to the sub panel.

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