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Build Diary 25-October-05

Worked on the instrument panel brace behind the Dynon D100. The brace requires modification, and the D100 mount requres fixing to the panel.

As seen from this picture the panel brace needs modification for the D100.
This is the start of an additional brace I may add. It will fix to the D100 mounting bracket. I think there will be the posibility of vibration of the panel without this additional brace.

UPDATE: I later decided to not fit this additional brace.

Not very clear in this picture - this is where the additional brace will be mounted.
This angle will brace the modified panel brace.

I will cut some holes in the additional brace plate. Will do this later after organising the cabling of the instruments. There will be more holes/rivets fixing this part onto the brace.
This angle will run under (and attach) the D100, it continues the length of the brace.
I was undecided about fixing the D100 mount to the panel. However if I don't there is a good chance it would move with engine vibration. Not sure if I am going to screw or rivet to the panel. Rivets will proberbly look better from the front (as they will be covered with paint) but screws will enable removal and make painting of the instrument panel easier.
This is how I am mounting the D100 tray. I am still undecided about riveting the tray to the instrument panel - it will be screwed on the left side to attach an additional brace.
I am going to fix the D100 mount to the angle running under it.
The angle runs under the D100 tray and continues along the modified panel brace.
I am going to put a #6 countersunk screw through the mount into the angle below. I may put a second hole closer to the panel.

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