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Build Diary 17/18/19/20-October-05

Pushed on with building the instrument panel. Fitted the Dynon D100, GPS mount, ICOM Radio, Garmin Transponder and AF-2500 Engine Monitor.

I decided to cut the instrument panel out now. Just in case I make a mistake - I can re-order the panel with the firewall kit.

I have started cutting the instrument panel - Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator.
Next the hole for the Dynon D100 - big hole!
Dynon D100 in the hole!
The stack - Garmin 296 mount (GPS), ICOM A200 (Radio) & Garmin Transponder. This took two evenings work to get the spacing correct and make the mounts.
I can't help but switch the Dynon on and see what it looks like!
Close up of the stack. I was going to put the radio below the transponder, but every aircraft I have seen has the transponder at the bottom. So decided to fit the transponder at the bottom.
Behind the panel. Radio and transponder.
Advanced supplied a cutout template for the AF-2500.
Drilled slightly undersize, then file to size.
It took two evenings to cut the AF-2500 out. Even with the template it was fiddly.

The protective cover is still fitted to the Dynon D100.

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